Horses continually exert extraordinary amounts of effort. Because of this and their unique physical characteristics, horses are extremely susceptible to an array of athletic related injuries.

These types of injuries are extremely frequent in active horses and can often lead to a degenerative disease or a reduction in performance.

Conventional therapies and surgery often treat the aftermath of the injury as opposed to the cause. Surgery results in scar tissue which impedes range of motion and the ability of the horse to return to its previous level of work and athletic endeavor.

Stem cells are extremely versatile and can be applied to soft tissue and joint injuries to aid in the regeneration and rehabilitation process. Stem cells can be used to treat such common injuries as Bowed Tendons or Suspensory Ligament injuries. Additionally, most soft tissue and joint injuries have the ability to respond favorably to adult stem cell treatment.

Stem cell therapy can allow horses with tthese types of injuries to return to the previous level of activity and lifestyle.

AVSC's US partner organization - Vet-Stem Inc -  has provided Stem Cell Services for treatment of more horses than any other company in the world.

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