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Rainer began limping and showing signs of constant pain due to elbow dysplasia around the age of only 7 months old, and by the time he was 16 months old he could not even walk down stairs.

In November of ’07 Dr. Tim McCarthy performed stem cell therapy on Rainier, and by January he was up and walking better, with no signs of pain or discomfort. About 90 days after surgery I was able to take Rainer back on walks –building up to 3 miles per day. He’s still a puppy in his mind and wants to play, run and chase balls, so this procedure has given that back to him. Our other alternative prior to learning about regenerative veterinary medicine was euthanasia, but thanks to Dr. Tim McCarthy Rainier is now living with a higher quality of life, because he is in considerably less pain. Click here to read Rainier's story as featured on DogHealth1.com

- Susan & Jeff Page & Rainier


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Rio had been a working therapy dog until his elbow dysplasia left him lame, lethargic, in pain, and with a decreased appetite. At only 18 months old he had to retire from working as a therapy dog.

Medical and surgical therapy failed to help Rio. Dr. Gary Beall at Springboro Veterinary Hospital in Springboro, Ohio then suggested the Vet-Stem procedure. After stem cell therapy he began to improve immediately. He started eating better and had more energy. He was able to move around without pain, and he re-entered the Therapy Dog Program. Now he visits people in hospitals, and helps them feel better. Stem cell therapy has helped Rio’s quality of life, allowing him to enhance the lives of others

- Sherrie Osborne & Rio the therapy dog


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I adopted Glitter from Guide Dogs for The Blind. She had pre-mature closure of growth plates that lead to a form of elbow dysplasia, and she had no cartilage within her elbow joint. She was pretty uncomfortable doing everyday activities, but maintained a great attitude.

As a veterinarian myself, I had been researching the stem cell therapy for patients in the clinic and ended up treating my own dog.

After Glitter received her stem cell therapy she is able to be much more active, relies less on NSAIDs, and is not chronically painful. Her quality of life has dramatically improved.

Thank you Vet-Stem!

- Stacy Jeter, DVM & Glitter


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Forest injured his elbow running at the age of 8. He is now 13, and his elbow joint has slowly deteriorated over the last 5 years to the point at which he had considerable pain just getting onto his feet.

When he walked, his elbow would flair out 45 degrees with every step. Arthroscopic surgery, pain meds, and physical therapy had done little to help. Dr. Landry, of Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital & Pain Management Center suggested stem cell therapy. Now, one month after the treatment, Forrest has little to no pain getting up & down. He even began to run again with his elbow not flaring at all. Forest's result from stem cell therapy is a "10"

- Carl & Danielle Patrick & Forest