Aust. & Asian Stem Cell License Agreement

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Aust. & Asian Stem Cell License Agreement
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Australian Veterinary Stem Cells Pty Ltd (‘AVSC’) has announced that a it has licensed intellectual property and ‘know how’ from Vet-Stem Inc of the U.S.A.(‘Vet-Stem’).

AVSC has licensed the Vet-Stem intellectual property (patents) covering the use of stem cells (for veterinary applications) derived from adipose tissue. The license covers Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. Under the terms of the licensing arrangements, AVSC will be able to supply stem cell products and services to veterinarians for treating dogs, cats and horses.



Vet-Stem Inc was the first (and is the largest) company in the world to offer fat-derived stem cell services for veterinary use, Stem Cells have been used by Vet-Stem since 2004. Vet-Stem has so far treated over 6,500 horses and dogs. Most of the work has been focused on the treatment of tendon, ligament and muscle injuries as well as joint/arthritic conditions in dogs, cats and horses.Results of treatments have been extremely positive.


AVSC is closely affiliated with one of the leading, and largest, international stem cell laboratories – Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories (‘MISCL’) – affiliated with Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). The Director (Head) of MISCL – Professor (Dr) Richard Boyd – is the Chief scientific Officer of AVSC and a member of its Board of Directors. Dr Boyd is a global expert in adult stem cells and has been working with stem cells from fat tissue for many years. His scientific guidance will help AVSC optimize its stem cell treatments for the treatment of a wide range of conditions in the veterinary markets of Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

AVSC will initially be offering stem cell services to veterinarians for treatment of arthritis and dermatitis in dogs and cats, as well as lameness (tendons, ligaments, arthritis, degenerative joint disorders) in horses. New uses of regenerative cells are in development for diseases in dogs, cats and horses that very often have few if any other treatment options.

Vet-Stem holds the exclusive worldwide rights to the University of California and University of Pittsburgh (via Artecel, Inc.) patent portfolios of over 55 issued patents covering the use of stem cells derived from fat tissue.

"Intellectual property rights can be confusing in a rapidly developing market with evolving technology," said Mr Peter Hansen (Executive Chairman of AVSC). "We have licensed the strongest patents in the world to protect the market that we are creating in regenerative veterinary medicine and to ensure that the value of the company is optimized”